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Directorate for Legislative Work

(Deputy) Head: Dimitra Stathi

Tel.: 210 3707344, fax: 210 3707341

The Directorate for Legislative Work is in charge of promoting the set of procedures that comprise legislative work as such, (with the exception of procedures that regard either processing, and examination or debate and voting for Bills and Law Proposals by the standing committees; it also assists the Presidium in legislative work sessions.
The Directorate for Legislative Work consists of three departments:

Α) Department for Legislative Work
Head: Evangelia Filippou 
tel.: 210 3707346, fax: 210 3707063,
The Department:
Assists the Presidium in legislative work sessions and follows up on the debates and voting of Bills;
  • Proofreads and corrects legislation (wording and texts) comparing it with the originals the relevant ministries submitted to parliament agencies;
  • Is in charge of getting Bills and Law Proposals printed;
  • Incorporates in the original text of the Bill or Law Proposal amendments adopted in the debate;
  • Is responsible for preparing (proofreading and correcting) the respective excerpt of the Minutes by incorporating Bills that have been debated and voted as a whole. The department also prepares the official document (‘scroll’).

Β) Secretariat


tel.: 210 3707344, fax: 210 3707340

The Department:
  • Receives, records and classifies in its archives and files Bills Law Proposals and amendments introduced by ministers and MPs;
  • Checks out the preconditions set forth in the Constitution on introducing and voting for a Bill or Law Proposal;
  • Proceeds with formally announcing which Bills and Law Proposals were introduced;
  • Forwards Bills and Law Proposals to the General Directorate of Parliamentary Committee and to the press;
  • Posts and uploads Bills, Law Proposals and amendments immediately on the Internet once they are introduced while managing them by electronic means;
  • Drafts a weekly newsletter on all introduced Bills and Law Proposals and provides information on their stage of examination;
  • Drafts an aggregated report on decisions made by Parliament on Bills and Law Proposals, per session, and at the end of a parliamentary term. It indicates whether they have been voted, as well as the dates when they were introduced, debated and voted. It produces copies of the reports which are distributed to MPs;
  • Prepares the order of the day on legislative work and upon conclusion of the Speakers’ Conference, transmits it to MPs;
  • Receives, registers and informs Parliament about case files associated with liability of Ministers;
  • Forwards a special order of the day on any MP immunity revocations;
  • Receives and registers formal requests for revocations of immunity which it then forwards to the Parliamentary Ethics Committee and the Parliament;
  • Keeps statistics on daily legislative activities;
  • Is in touch with citizens in response to requests they make and questions they have;
  • Assists the Presidium during legislative work sessions and follows up on debates and voting procedures on Bills;
  • Upon conclusion of the debate, incorporates amendments to the original text of the Bill or Law Proposal;
  • Drafts and distributes a special bulletin on the Parliament’s daily proceedings;
  • Binds and publishes the “Minutes” at the end of each parliamentary term;
  • Files away legislation per Ministry, i.e. explanatory memoranda and Bills, Law Proposals and amendments, standing or special committee reports, the original texts of Bills and Law Proposals adopted in their entirety by Parliament;
  • Files away explanatory memoranda and texts on drafts and proposals for amending parliamentary statutes as well as Standing Orders’ Committee reports and final texts as they stood upon approval in their entirety by Parliament;
  • Files away explanatory memoranda and texts on Parliament accounts and its budget as well as about Parliament decisions. Moreover, the Library has all the back issues of the archives.
C) Users Department
Head: Ioannis Karamitsos
tel.: 210 3707641

The Department:
  • Is at the service of MPs and in general ensures holding smooth and unimpeded parliamentary and committee sessions;
  • Forwards the daily agenda for parliamentary sittings to MPs and all types of pertinent documents or texts for MPs to carry out their duties;
  • Hands out invitations and documents by the Presidium to MPs;
  • Deals with any type of duty within its scope so as to serve Parliament agencies and departments, the General Directorate for Legislative Work and Parliamentary Control in particular, as well as parliamentary committees.
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