Administration : Departments and Directorates

Civil Emergency Planning and Civil Protection Unit

Head: Nikolaos Zafiropoulos

Tel.: 210 3709511 -12-13-14, fax: 210 3709510,



The Civil Emergency Planning and Civil Protection Unit operates in the Hellenic Parliament, at Directorate level and reports to the Secretary General of the Parliament.

The Unit assists in the organization, guidance and mobilization of the country's of the State's Civil Forces aiming to contribute to the national efforts in maintaining the continuity of the essential government services to the population including the provision of civil support to military operations.

This Unit operates and exercises its responsibilities, pursuant to the relevant statutory provisions in force, and ensures the Civil Emergency Planning and Civil Protection in matters falling within the Hellenic Parliament’s jurisdiction in cases of emergencies, crises, disasters or conflicts.

Specifically the Civil Emergency Planning and Civil Protection Unit:

  • supports Civil Forces in preventing, preparing for, confronting and dealing with the consequences of all types of crisis, to natural and man-made disasters or conflicts.
  • manage the suspensions of  Reserve Ranking for Conscription (proposals, inventories, industry breakdowns),
  • supervises and monitor the Civil Defense activities of the Public Independent Institutions of the Hellenic Parliament
  • acts as crisis monitoring and coordination platform strengthening the prevention and preparedness actions within the Hellenic Parliament.
  • implements the National Security Regulation regarding the security of classified information and materials within the Parliament and manages the Security clearance of the Parliament’s personnel.
  • improves Parliaments logistics and infrastructure of all parliament buildings for increased safety in case of civil emergencies and proposes mitigation measures simplifying the administrative procedures to ensure rapid access to assistance.
  • coordinates emergency preparedness activities, primarily in areas of resource utilization, Parliament continuity and rehabilitation.
  • participates in hearings, committees and educational and research programs designed to cover all aspects of civil emergency planning and cooperates with all Parliament Directorates and departments on issues related to emergency management.
  • undertakes any other measure relating to the above mentioned issues.
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