Administration : Departments and Directorates

Strategic Planning and Management Functions Re-engineering Unit

Head of Directorate: P. Giamas


A Unit of Strategic Planning and Management Functions Re-engineering, operating at the level of the Directorate, which falls under the Secretary General of the Parliament, is established in the Parliament.

The Unit is responsible, in particular, for:

  • The formulation of proposals for improving the system of management functions and procedures of the Parliament, in the context of their continuous monitoring by the Unit.

  • To cooperate with the relevant departments of the Parliament for planning, elaborating, monitoring and reviewing Parliament's strategic and operational plans.

  • Certification of procedures for controlling the legality and regularity of parliamentary expenditures.

  • The evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Parliament's activities, as well as the evaluation of its operations pursuant to the principle of sound financial management.

  • Controlling through sampling methods the applicable procedures for all kinds of expenditure, collection and receipt of revenue, risk management, and property management of the Parliament.

  • Examining information systems to determine whether they meet their objectives and have adequate safeguards / control mechanisms incorporated into them.

  • Inspecting the accuracy, reliability and timely preparation of financial (and other) reports.

  • The Certification of the adequacy of the management, control and registering systems of the Parliament's assets.

  • Any other relevant competence assigned to it by decision of the Secretary-General of the Parliament.

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