Organization & Operations

The Presidium


The Presidium consists of:
  • the President of the Hellenic Parliament
  • seven (7) Vice Presidents
  • three (3) Deans
  • six (6) Secretaries
The Presidium’s fundamental feature is its multi-partisan composition. Thus the first, second and third Vice President, two of the Deans and four of the Secretaries are affiliated to the governing party; the fourth Vice President, one dean and a Secretary belong to the major opposition party; the fifth Vice President and one Secretary are members of the second-biggest opposition party; the sixth Vice President is affiliated with the third-largest party of the opposition, and the seventh Vice President belongs to the fourth. A member of the Presidium, who must certainly be an elected MP, cannot be a Cabinet member (Minister or Under-Secretary). Should a Presidium member agree to assume ministerial or Undersecretarial duties, then ipso facto he/she has to step down from the post.

The President and the Vice Presidents are elected at the beginning of each term for the entire duration of that term. Deans and Secretaries’ terms last for as long as the regular session period for which they were elected lasts.
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