Organization & Operations

The Conference of Presidents

(articles 13 & 14 of the Standing Orders)

The Conference, a collective, all-party institution introduced by the Parliament’s Standing Orders in 1987 and sanctioned by the 2001 Constitutional revision, helps better organize parliamentary work as the Presidium gets to consult with all Parliamentary Groups.

The Conference consists of the Speaker and the Deputy Speakers of the Parliament, former Speakers who are still elected MPs, the Presidents of Standing Committees and that of the Special Standing Committee on Institutions and Transparency, Parliamentary Group Presidents and a representative of independent MPs (provided there are at least five of them).

The Conference of Presidents holds regular meetings once a week to consider sitting hours, current lawmaking duties and holding debates and to generally exercise its role pursuant to the Constitution or the Standing Orders of the Parliament.

Following the Constitutional revision of 2001, the Conference of Presidents shall, either unanimously or with the concurrence of 3/5 of members present select the Independent Authorities’ board members.

Additionally, the Conference of Presidents selects, unanimously or with the concurrence of 4/5 of its members, the President, the Vice President and two members of the Hellenic Statistical Authority. The Conference also expresses an opinion, following a hearing of the candidates, for the appointment of magistrates at the highest judicial posts.
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