Organization & Operations : The Presidium : The President of the Hellenic Parliament


(articles 7, 9, 10 & 11 of the Standing Orders)
Electing the President is one of the most important moments in terms of Parliamentary proceedings; it requires an absolute parliamentary majority (151 votes). Should a majority not be attained, there is a new round of voting to elect the candidate who achieves most of the votes cast by relative majority.

The President presides over parliamentary sittings, is in charge of parliamentary functions and represents Parliament in international parliamentary organizations and bilateral inter-parliamentary sittings. He is in charge of all Hellenic Parliament directorates, departments and divisions and coordinates their work and activities. By virtue of the Greek Constitution, the President shall temporarily exercise the office of President of the Republic should the latter be absent abroad for more than ten days, passes away, resigns, is deposed or hindered from performing his duties for any reason whatsoever.

The President works closely together with the Secretary General and the Special Secretary to manage and supervise parliamentary business and agencies.


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