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Directorate for Technical Services

Head:  P.Polichronopoulos
Fax.: 210 3733520, 3733802, fax: 210 3733500,

The Directorate for Technical Services is in charge of carrying out assessments and surveys on its own or by assigning such duties to other agencies, on Parliament buildings and their surrounding areas, the implementation of various such projects and supervision thereof, as well as maintenance and proper operation of such premises.
The Directorate for Technical Services consists of the following Departments:
Α) Department for Buildings and Surrounding Areas
Head: Konstantinos Bairaktaris
Fax.: 210 3733520, 3733802, fax: 210 3733500,

The Department is in charge of drafting all kinds of technical and other assessments, other than electrical and mechanical engineering ones, execution of building projects required, as well as works for the maintenance and repair of Parliament buildings, landscaping areas around those buildings along with the gardens or green spaces. It supervises the appropriate implementation of such works.

The Department is also in charge of ensuring that the Building and the rest of the premises where parliamentary agencies are accommodated are in order and thus pays regular visits to review infrastructure and ensure that possible malfunctions, deficiencies, damages etc are promptly dealt with, while notifying the Directorate for Technical Services about measures that need to be taken.
Β) Department for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Head: Nikolaos Efthimiatos
Tel.: 210 3708093, fax: 210 3707080,
The Department:
  • Is in charge of proceeding with mechanical and electrical engineering assessments for Parliament buildings and supervising works in their implementation thereof;.
  • Ensures that all infrastructure (micros, electrical, electronic, plumbing and the rest of the mechanical and electrical engineering equipment and facilities of the Parliament main and other buildings accommodating parliamentary agencies are properly functioning, being operative and modernized.
C) Department for Cleaning Services
Head: Ioannis Vidakis
Tel.: 210 3707193, fax: 210 3707247

The Department is responsible for the cleanliness of the Parliament Building as well as for the surrounding area along with the rest of the buildings that accommodate Parliament Agencies, or MP’s offices and their respective surrounding areas.
D) Department for Technicians and Workers
Head: Ioannis Siampanis
Tel.: 210 3707265-6, fax: 210 3707267

The Department is responsible for assigning projects to technicians and workers and for supervising their work.
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