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Directorate for Procurement and Equipment Management

Head: Ilias Chatzithomas
Tel: 210 3692246, fax: 210 3692436

The Directorate for Procurement and Equipment Management is responsible for coordinating procedures for equipment procurement or sub-contracting projects.
It is also in charge of matters and procedures touching on managing equipment the Parliament owns.
The Directorate for Procurement and Equipment Management consists of the following Departments:
Α) Department for Procurements
Head:  Fotios Vasileiou
Tel.: 210 3692121, fax: 210 3692120,

The Department for Procurement is responsible for procurement of all consumables and fixed assets and materials for the needs of parliamentary agencies and for contracting third parties. Moreover, it is responsible for divestiture and auctioning parliamentary assets in line with the relevant legal provisions.
Β) The Department for Materials Management
Head: Anastasia Emmanuil
Tel.: 210 3692467, fax: 210 3692470,
The Department for Materials Management:
  • Is in charge of the warehouse and keeps track of stock along with proper bookkeeping on consumables and non consumables;
  • Is responsible for keeping the inventory of all objects and facilities which belong to the Parliament and which are in the main Building as well as in buildings accommodating Parliament services;
  • Makes sure all kinds of objects, such as precious memorabilia, furniture, paintings are properly insured;
  • Is responsible for consumables’ recording and stock-taking along with safekeeping, conservation, preservation or maintenance;
  • Is responsible for the timely receipt of all sorts of material, consumables or not, and their allocation to the organizational units of the Parliament’s Departments and Directorates. 


C) Department for Parliament cars and vehicles
Head:  Nikolaos Zafeiropoulos
Tel.: 210 3692443, fax: 210 3692447
The Department is:
  • In charge of Parliament vehicles and supervises staff who operates them. Usage of such vehicles requires an official decision or order by the Speaker which also determines who shall use them;
  • Responsible for regular maintenance and repair of Parliament vehicles as provided in the technical specifications thereof as well as keeping records of repairs and maintenance. Vehicles must be insured and relevant usage documents must be available at any time.
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