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Directorate for Financial Services

Head: Terpsichori Manou

The Directorate for Financial Services is in charge of managing all issues and procedures which concern the budget, as well as the clearance of the accounts.
It is moreover responsible for managing all issues, procedures and clearances regarding Parliament personnel salaries, as well as MP indemnities and expenses.
The Directorate for Financial Services consists of the following Departments:
Α) Budget Department
Head: Nikolaos Panagouleas
Tel.: 210 3692402, fax: 210 3692227

The Department:
  • Is in charge of drawing up on time the budget for parliament expenses, drafting the relevant explanatory report and sending to the Ministry of Finance. It also responsible for the preparation of the version of the budget as approved.
  • Is responsible for modifications, amendments and following the Parliament’s budget implementation as well as proper bookkeeping and statistics.
  • Draws up the balance and drafts assessment reports on the course of budget implementation.
  • Issues decisions on subsidies to natural and legal entities;
  • Checks statement of accounts data by the Ministry of Finance against respective payments which have been made to the appropriate tax offices on behalf of the Parliament and drafts tables for items to be reallocated or charged.
  • Draws up the annual statement of acounts for the Parliament’s financial management, introduces it for the parliament to adopt it and, upon approval, sends it to the Ministry of Finance.
  • Manages issues related to TAYV (the fund for insuring Parliament personnel) on behalf of the Directorate and other issues which no other department of the same Directory is responsible for.
  • Issues orders of payment and advance payments, checks relevant appropriate documents and follows up on timely reckoning of accounts..
  • Takes care for the prompt payment of leases and rent.
  • Issues attestations certifying that state tax is collected for public beneficiaries.
Β) Accounts Department
Head: Antonios Pantazopoulos
Tel.: 210 3692236, fax: 210 3692251, 2230

The Department is responsible for the clearance and payment of salaries to Parliament permanent, or other personnel as well as to MPs scientific associates.
C) Department for expenditure accounts’ clearance
Head: Evlampia Pentari
Tel.: 210 3692243, fax: 210 3692251

The Department is responsible for clearance and payment of salaries and any type of payment to MPs as well as for checking various accounts and Bills.
D) Department for advance payments
Head: Ekaterini Damianidou
Tel.: 210 3692232, fax: 210 3692251

The Department is in charge of all matters listed under articles 143, 144, 145 and 146 of the Standing Orders.
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