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Directorate for Information Technology and Communications

Head: Kontstantinos Kotoulas
Τel.: 210 3855111

The Directorate for Information Technology and Communications is responsible for the provision of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) services to MPs, parliament staff and organizational units and citizens.

It defines the ICT infrastructure strategy, ensures continuity and security and is in line with the organizational and operational goals of the Parliament.

It organizes, coordinates and updates digital data of Parliament and Committees sittings and of the parliamentary and administrative work of Parliament in general.

It monitors the evolution of ICTs, prepares studies and programs for parliament modernization, in cooperation with the relevant parliament services, following open standards, best practices and applying the principles of e-Government and administration.

It drafts the annual IT budget, manages of the relevant contracts and maintains the Parliament's digital infrastructure register.

The Directorate operates under the scientific supervision of the President of the Scientific Council of the Hellenic Parliament.

The Directorate comprises of the following Departments:

Α) Department of Systems Design and Development
Head: Georgia Sotiropoulou
Tel.: 210 3855143

The main responsibilities of the Department are:

The timely design, development, control, implementation, evaluation, extension and maintenance of the Parliament's information systems and portal.

The identification, in cooperation with the competent services of the Parliament, of the information needs of Parliament and MPs, the analysis of the requirements, the definition of the technical and operational specifications, the documentation of the systems, the documentation of the applications and the maintenance of a library of tools and procedures .

The centralized management of databases and the overall organization, management, preservation, security, reuse and analysis of digital data.

The definition of architectures, technical standards, common rules and methodologies, of interoperability and interconnectivity frameworks, for the effective provision of e-Government services in the Parliament.

The collaboration with co-competent services, other organizations in Greece or abroad and other Parliaments for the adoption of common best standards and practices in ICT.

B) Production Systems Department
Evangelos Kriezis
Tel.: 210 3855117

The main responsibilities of the Department are:

The provision of support services, training, education and transfer of know-how to staff and MPs for the productive operation of applications and digital services.

The responsibility for data migration, the installation of new releases, customization, restriction of data entry, the management of roles and access rights, and of all the processes required for the effective operability of applications and digital services.

The support of the operation of the Parliament portal, the Parliamentary Transparency page and e-Administration.

The handling of user requests; ensuring that information systems are aligned with changes in legislation, and providing feedback to designers and system analysts with the necessary adjustments for the operability of applications.

The secretarial support of the Directorate's overall operation.

C) Department of Computer Infrastructure and Networks
Head: Leontas-Charalampos Stamataris
Tel.: 210 3855153

The main responsibilities of the Department are:

Providing for the proper operation, support, maintenance, configuration and management of infrastructures (mainly servers, central storage, certification and digital signature infrastructures, disaster recovery equipment, network equipment) required for the productive operation of the Production Systems of the Parliament.

Provision of wired and wireless local area network, Internet connection, email, virtual infrastructure, central print management, backup, information retrieval and authorized access for users and MPs to workstations, digital services and secure content.

The security, control, identification and assessment of security risks in systems and infrastructures, the development and implementation of security incident management plans, their prevention, the disaster recovery, and ensuring the continuity of operations and critical operational functions of the Parliament.

D) Department of Technical Support and Equipment Care
Head: Konstantinos Anagnostou
Tel.: 210 9855128

The main responsibilities of the Department are:

To centrally receive, record, manage and adequately respond to requests from the parliament services and MPs for IT and communications technology issues.

Identifying and solving technical problems in a short time.

To ensure delivery of equipment to end users and MPs; the installation, running of checks, maintenance, upgrading and repairing of workstations, peripheral devices, network devices and support applications, and to ensure the smooth operation of the workstations.

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