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Directorate of Publications and Printouts

Head: Sotirios Stasinopoulos
tel: 2105102022, tel & fax: 2105102020
mobile: 6977401150
The Directorate is in charge of the layout, printing, and distribution of Parliament documents (Bills, Law Proposals, Committee Reports, Minutes), and all types of documents or publications in digital format or printed which are produced given the Parliament’s wider scope of activities.
The Directorate for Publications and Printing consists of the following Departments:
A) Department for Layout, Printed Material and Information
Head: Dimitrios Zazas
tel: 210 3707333, 210 5102601-2, fax: 210 5102010
The department has the following responsibilities:
  • The materialization of all general printed works such as creative layout, typesetting, paging, the incorporation of corrections, editing, montage and the production of conventional or digital tables with the cooperation of all involved services of the Parliament. 
  • Digital filing of all forms of works and publications in a way that enables an easier and effective use and transmission to the Production Department and to the data base of the Directorate of Informatics and New Technologies for the requirements of the Parliament’s website. 
  • Attending to the supply, maintenance and good functioning condition of printing equipment as well as to the supply of all necessary replacement parts and consumables. 
  • Attending to the planning and materialization of digital publications as well as to the editing and monitoring of the publishing work of external associates in cooperation with the other Department of the Directorate of Publications and Printing. 
  • The distribution of all forms of parliamentary documents (digital and printed) such as: bills, law proposals, reports and findings of parliamentary committees. The Department is also responsible for the distribution (under the Speaker’s decision) of the minutes of the Parliament and of its committees.

B) Department for Production and Management for Publications and for Public Information

Head: Athanasios Athanasiadis
tel: 2105102019 & 2105102021, fax: 2105102020

The Department has the following responsibilities:
  • Printing of works, compilation and binding and their distribution to the relative services of the Parliament.
  • Attending to the supply of all necessary equipment, spare parts and consumables for the effective operation of the Department.
  • Filing of all printed tables and other material for the easier and operational re-use in the production of reprints.
  • The monitoring of those works of external associates that are attached to the Department’s areas of responsibility.
  • Collects, saves, classifies, disposes of and manages all types of parliamentary documents and Hellenic parliament publications and provides information on the Parliament’s publishing activities and initiatives.
  • Managing and distributing the Parliament’s publications to other public bodies that are directly or indirectly related to the Parliament: libraries, schools, exhibitions, conferences and other social bodies or agencies.
  • Keeps electronic and hard copy files on publications and printed material received and distributed.
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