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1st Directorate of Scientific Studies

Head: Antonis Pantelis, Professor of Constitutional Law, Athens University School of Law.
The First Directorate of Scientific Studies consists of the following Departments:
A) Department I for the Legislative Elaboration of Bills and Law Proposals
Head: Xenophon Paparigopoulos, Alternate Professor of Philosophy, History, Methodology and Theory of Law at the University of Thessaly.
tel.: 210 3733829, fax: 210 3735070

The Department  is responsible for:
a) The scientific elaboration of Bills and Law Proposals for the Plenum, the standing committees and the Recess Sections of the Parliament within the provisions of articles 162 par. 3 subparagraph a' and 92 of the Parliament’s Standing Orders (Parliamentary section and chapters).
b) The scientific elaboration of Bills that are up for voting by means of ad hoc special procedures which are followed for the approval of judicial or administrative codes, according to article 76 par. 6 of the Constitution and article 111 of the Parliament’s Standing Orders (Parliamentary section and chapters).
Β) Department for Parliamentary Research & Studies
Head: Georgios Sotirelis, Professor of Constitutional Law at the School for Political Science and Public Administration, Athens University
tel.: 210 3735067, fax: 210 3735077

The Department:
a) Carries out parliamentary research and drafts general and expert studies focusing mainly on the parliament’s institutional role, its organization, its proceedings and business, as well as on parliamentary custom and tradition in Greece and the globe. General studies and surveys are carried out in line with an annual program which the Scientific Council drafts and the Speaker approves. As for the purpose of ad hoc studies and surveys, it is to respond to questions on Parliament’s work that the Speaker may pose, and/or Parliamentary Groups or even individual MPs may table upon the Speaker’s approval for conducting such studies;
b) Constantly briefs and updates MPs on the work of foreign parliaments and inter-parliamentary conferences by drafting reports which are assessed by the Scientific Council and brought to the attention of the Speaker;
c) Attends seminars on parliamentary proceedings and prepares for conferences in line with Scientific Council proposals and upon endorsement of such proposals by the Speaker;
d) Is in contact with documentation and research centers to prop up the scientific and parliamentary work of the Hellenic Parliament.
C) Department for Economic, Environmental & Technological Studies
Head: Konstantinos Papadimitriou, Alternate Professor for Labor Law at the Law School of the University of Athens
tel.: 210 3735075, fax: 210 3735077
The Department:
a) Keeps abreast of economic and environmental developments which take place either practically or institutionally at a national, European and global level. The department drafts reports which it sends over to the Scientific Council to keep Parliament up to date. The Scientific Council evaluates the reports and forwards them to the Speaker;
b) Provides MPs and parliamentary committees with necessary scientific assistance and in particular to the Special Permanent Committee for Environmental Protection and to the Special Permanent Committee for Research and Technology.
D) Department for Documentation
Head: Athanasios Dimitropoulos
tel.: 210 3735074, fax: 210 3735077

The Department collects and processes data on parliamentary proceedings and the overall work of the Parliament. Moreover, in cooperation with the Directorate for IT and New Technologies, the Directorate for Stenography and Parliamentary Minutes and the Directorate for Committee Minutes, the Department for Documentation also updates, by subject-matter, a database which contains all data relevant to the activities of the Plenum, the parliamentary committees and of the Recess Section.
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