Organization & Operations

Committee for MP and Political Party Auditing

The Committee is responsible for:
1)  Auditing the finances of parties, political party alliances and of candidates for parliamentary office, as well as ensuring compliance to the obligations arising from Law 3023/2002 (as published in the Government Gazette, issue 146/A’/25.6.2002 and amended by art.16 of Law 3242/2004 (Government Gazette issue 102/Α’/24.5.2004) and art.36 of Law 3274/2004 (Government Gazette issue 195/Α’/19.10.2004)
2)  Auditing asset declarations made by:
  1. Prime Ministers;
  2. Heads of Political Parties represented in the Hellenic or the European Parliament;
  3. Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Undersecretaries;
  4. Members of Parliament and Members of the European Parliament;
  5. Political party financial managers according to art.15 par.1 of Law 3023/2002 (Government Gazette issue 146/Α’);
  6. As well as of their spouses and under-age offspring of the aforementioned in order to corroborate verity and ensure that new assets acquired or a possible rise in current asset value is attributable to incoming revenue of all types taking into account living expenses of persons who have to submit the statement according to Law 3213/2003 (as published in the Government Gazette, issue 309/Α’/31.12.2003), as amended by art.32 of Law.2843/2000 (Government Gazette issue 219/Α’/12.10.2000), art. 13 of Law 3242/2004 (Government Gazette issue 102/Α’/24.5.2004) and art.4 of Law 3327/2005 (Government Gazette issue 70/Α’/11.3.2005).
The committee consists of one Member of Parliament from each party or alliance of parties currently represented in Parliament, one member from the Supreme Administrative Court, one member from the Supreme Civil Court and one member from the Court of Audit, who are all appointed by drawing lots in their respective plenaries as are their alternates.

The Presidium of the Parliament appoints one of its Deputy Speakers as the committee’s chairperson, who appoints a Parliament staff member as a secretary. Should a party or alliance of parties which received regular or electoral campaign funds not be represented in parliament, in the committee participates a member of the that party or party alliance regarding its auditing.
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