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Parliamentary Budget Office

Coordinator: F. Koutentakis
Tel: 210-3673353  Fax: 210-3673115

The Office is responsible for the collection of information and the monitoring of the implementation of the State Budget, the support of the work of the Special Standing Committee on the Financial Statement and the General Balance Sheet and the implementation of the State Budget, as well as of the Standing Committee of Economic Affairs, by providing all necessary information and data.

The Office prepares and submits to the aforementioned Committees reports on the compliance with the budget targets set out in medium-term fiscal strategy, on the assumptions underlying the macroeconomic estimations and budgetary forecasts, according to the principles and procedures of the law 3871/141A'/17-8-2010 on the “financial management and responsibility”, as well as other reports requested by the Speaker of the Parliament or the Chairmen of the aforementioned committees.


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