Administration : Other Agencies

Special Agency to the Committee for MP and Party Audits

Head: Stylianos Galoukas
tel.: 210 - 3692275

The ad hoc (special) Agency, by virtue of its own Special Rules and Regulations of Organization, supports the Committee that audits Party and MP finances, as provided by article 21 του Law 3023/2002, as published in the Government Gazette issue 146/series A on June 5, 2002.
Pursuant to a formal Speaker’s decision upon the establishing of the committee, it consists of several MPs (one from each party currently represented in Parliament), one deputy Speaker, who acts as President in office, and higher jurists (a State Council judge, one Supreme Administrative Court member one Court of Audit member and one Supreme Civil and Criminal Court member), who are appointed by drawing lots in their respective plenary, as are their substitutes.

The role and duties of the Committee for MP and Party Audits, which is established by virtue of art. 21, and the duties and role of the Special Agency are primarily set forth by a) Law 3023/2002 (Government Gazette issue 146/Α’/25.6.2002), amended by article 16 of Act 3242/2004 (Government Gazette issue 102/Α’/25.4.2004) and art. 36 of Act 3274/2004 (Government Gazette issue 195/Α’/19.10.2004), as well as b) Law 3213/2003 (Government Gazette issue 309/Α’/31.12.2003), amended by article 32 του Law.2843/2000 (Government Gazette issue 219/Α’/12.10.2000), and art 13 of Act 3242/2004 (Government Gazette issue 102/Α’/26.5.2004) and art 4 of Law3327/2005 (Government Gazette issue 70/Α’/11.3.2004), and which refers to the following responsibilities, which the relevant Departments and Offices assume:
1. Department for MP and MEP asset audits
Head: N. Tempelis
Tel.: 210-3692414, fax: 210-3692468

The Department audits, on an annual basis, all asset declarations, of MPs, MEPs and financial managers of parties and submits its report to the Special Agency. It also audits asset declarations of newly elected MPs after general or European elections and within ninety (90) days from their being sworn-in or assuming office (art. 1 par. 2 of Law 3213/2003, as amended by art.13 of Law 3242/2004).
2. Office for Political Groups and Party Alliance audits
Tel.: 210 3692271, fax: 210 3692468

The Office audits on an annual basis previous year financial statements submitted by political groups, parties and party alliances that receive regular state funding.
It also performs audits of pre-electoral revenue and expenses of political groups, parties and party alliances that regularly receive state funds as well as electoral campaign revenue and expenses of smaller parties, candidates which ran for office in the last general or European election.
Certified accountants are in charge of such audits; they are coordinated and assisted by the Special Agency and appointed by virtue of a decision that the President of the Audit Committee makes.

3. Office for candidate MP and MEP audits
Tel.: 210 3692276, fax: 210 3692468

The Office audits electoral campaign expenses and revenue of MPs, candidates and MEPs in every election (general or EP elections), as well as any state funds they might have received during their campaigns. Certified accountants are in charge of audits carried out after the election once the interested parties provide the Special Agency with copies of Bills, relevant documentation and books as well as income tax return statements.
4. Secretariat
Head: Foteini Sfetsiou
Tel.: 210 3692187 , fax: 210 3692468
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