Administration : Departments and Directorates

Vice Presidents offices

Vice President Offices provide secretarial services and are at the overall service of Vice Presidents.

1st Vice President's Office
1st Vice President: Nikitas Kaklamanis
tel.: 210-3708121, 210-3708123-24-25
Fax: 210-3707850

2nd Vice President's Office
2nd Vice President: Charalampos Athanasiou
Head of Office: S. Daniilidis
tel.: 210-3708112 - 8113
Fax: 210-3707820

3rd Vice President's Office
3rd Vice President: Athanasios Bouras
tel: 210-3708141-45
Fax: 210-3707880

4th Vice President's Office
4th Vice President: Dimitrios Vitsas
Head of Office: K. Antonakos
tel: 210-3708111, 210-3708112-8118
Fax: 210-3707840

5th Vice President's Office
5th Vice President: Odysseas Konstantinopoulos
tel: 210-3707262, 210-3708246
Fax: 210-3707260

6th Vice President's Office
6th Vice President: Georgios Lamproulis
tel .: 210-3707262, 210-3708246
Fax: 210-3707260

7th Vice President's Office
7th Vice President: Apostolos Avdelas
Head of Office: Dimitra Kritikou
tel .: 210-3708441-43
Fax: 210-3708445


8th Vice President's Office
8th Vice President: Sofia Sakorafa
Head of Office: Fotini Dede
tel .:

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