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Directorate for Human Resources & Training

Directorate for Human Resources and Training

Director: Athanasios Pallikaris

Tel.:+30 210 3692163,  fax: +30 210 3692148, e-mail:

The Directorate for Human Resources and Training is responsible for the management, recruitment, administrative support, evaluation, education, training and development of the Hellenic Parliament’s human resources.

The Directorate for Human Resources and Training consists of the following Departments:

A. Personnel Department

Head: Pinelopi Levantaki

Tel.: +30 210 3692154, fax: +30 210 3692150,

The Department is responsible for:

  • Handling issues relating to Parliament personnel, i.e. personnel registry etc.
  • Setting up councils and disciplinary boards
  • Recruitment procedures for Parliament personnel (permanent or other) in line with the relevant legal framework
  • Handling all issues relating to the MPs’ accredited assistants
  • Handling all issues relating to  human resources which are not within the competence of other departments

B. Department for Education and Training

Head: Dimitrios-Ioannis Papageorgopoulos

Tel.: +30 210 3709511, fax: +30 210 3709510,



The Department develops policies and action plans for:

  • the education, training and development of the MPs and parliament personnel either on its own or in cooperation with the National Center for Public Administration, Universities, Technological Educational Institutes and other national or foreign educational and training bodies with a focus on foreign languages and IT training

  • The internship program for University and Technological Educational Institutes students at the Hellenic Parliament. All previous details, terms and conditions are regulated by Speaker’s decisions

  • Induction training for newly appointed or transferred personnel

  • Training programs on specific parliamentary operations and procedures

  • Training programs for newly appointed heads of units


C. Department for the Evaluation for Human Resources

Head: Ifigenia-Valentina Houbavli

Tel.: +30 210 


The Department is responsible for:


  • Organizing the evaluation system

  • Setting the units objectives

  • The procedure for the appointment of heads

  • Statistical data and analysis of evaluation reports


D. Secretariat

Head: Georgia Chrysanthou

Tel.:+30 210 3692128, fax: +30 210 3692130,



The Secretariat ensures the keeping of the following records:

  • Incoming, outgoing and confidential correspondence

  • Delivering and processing of outgoing correspondence

  • Issues of certified copies and signature authenticity


Ε. The Sports Center

Head: Vasilis Spantidakis

Tel.: +30 210 3709009, fax: +30 210 3709010,



The Centre is responsible for a wide range of services:

  • Comprehensive physical training

  • Exercise schedules for people suffering from chronic conditions (i.e. cardiovascular disease, metabolism, respiratory problems etc)

  • Measurements and evaluation of physical fitness

  • Diet consulting on weight management and overall health

The Department Regulations supplementing this Regulation specify the internal organization, terms, obligations, duties, personnel posts, qualifications and expertise required.


F. The Nursery

Head: Evaggelia Metaxa

Tel.: +30 210 3707188, fax: +30 210 3707177,



The Parliament includes an on-site crèche and nursery school which constitute a department unit.

This service is available to the children of MPs, Parliament permanent or other personnel, according to Speaker’s decisions and availability.

The aim is to provide child care facilities, school lunches, enjoyment in learning through play and structured activities, promote children’s cognitive, emotional, psychological and physical development, ensure a smooth transition to elementary school life and provide pre-school education based on contemporary pedagogy and participation of parents in their child's learning. The nursery also seeks to promote the development of physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills in line with the principles of elementary and secondary education. The curriculum is delineated by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and is developed by the head of unit in cooperation with the staff.

The crèche and nursery school are committed to children's rights laid down by national and European legislation, in particular under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

A three-member committee, set up by Speaker’s decision, is vested with the registration of children and certifies the technical requirements for the design and functioning of the crèche and nursery school in cooperation with the Director of Technical Services.

Annual activities reports are submitted to the Speaker.

The Department Regulations supplementing this Regulation specify the internal organization, terms, obligations, duties, personnel posts, qualifications and expertise required.

















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