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2nd Directorate of Scientific Studies

Head: Asterios Pliakos, Professor for European Law, Athens University, School for International and European Economic Studies
The 2nd Directorate consists of the following Departments:
A) Department II for the Legislative Elaboration of Bills and Law Proposals
tel.: 210 3735062, fax: 210 3735077

The Department:
a) Elaborates scientifically, Bills and Law Proposals for the Plenum, the standing parliamentary committees and the Recess Sections under the provisions of articles 162 par. 3 § a' and 92 of the Parliament’s Standing Orders (Parliamentary section and chapters);
b) Elaborates scientifically, Bills ratifying international treaties or protocols to the extent that the new ratification legislation includes provisions additional to those of the original text of the treaty or protocol that is being thus ratified.

Β) European Studies Department
Head: Andreas Koundouros, Special Scientific Associate to the Scientific Council.
tel.: 210 3673392, fax: 210 3673202,
The Department:
a) Attends EU and European conferences, as well as meetings held at European level and drafts reports for the Scientific Council to keep Parliament informed. The Scientific Council evaluates the reports before forwarding them to the Speaker;
b) Provides scientific assistance to MPs, parliamentary committees and delegations, European agencies, parliaments and committees, by virtue of a formal decision made by the Speaker. With the Speaker’s consent, it also provides such aid to MEPs;
c) Provides general scientific assistance to the Committee on European Affairs and the standing committees, with a view to keeping abreast of EU legislative work and it also formulates opinions on EU draft regulatory acts by virtue of article 41B of the Standing Orders.
C) Department for International and Defense Studies
Head: Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Special Scientific Associate to the Scientific Council
tel: 210 3673393,fax: 210 3673202,
The Department:
a) Follows-up on the work of international organizations, international parliamentary conferences and parliamentary sittings of parliaments that are not EU members and drafts reports for the Scientific Council to keep Parliament updated. The Scientific Council evaluates the reports before forwarding them to the Speaker;
b) By virtue of a decision made by the Speaker, provides scientific assistance to MPs and parliamentary delegations to international organizations and scientific meetings and to parliaments of countries that are not EU-members;
c) Follows up on and looks into international affairs with reference to Greece’s foreign affairs policy and defense strategy while cooperating to that end with the appropriate ministries and agencies; it also browses the international press and relevant bibliography and provides scientific assistance to the Parliament’s Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs, to the General Directorate for International Relations and Communication as well as to the Parliament’s delegations to international organizations, conferences and foreign parliaments. The department forwards its reports and studies to the Speaker.
Secretariat for both Scientific Studies Directorates (within the Scientific Service of the Hellenic Parliament)
Head: Panagiota Kotsopoulou
tel: 210 3735057, fax: 210 3735077
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