Data Protection

Data Protection

Information Statement regarding the processing of personal data


Subject of the present Information Statement

This Statement sets out how personal data are processed through the website of the Hellenic Parliament, at the safe address (hereafter "Portal"), for the benefit of its visitors who are the “data subjects” as stated below.


Useful definitions

For your better information, we use the following terms as defined:

a) “Personal data” is information relating to an individual. Data is considered personal, if the person ("data subject") it concerns can be identified, directly or indirectly (such as name and surname, postal or email address, contact details etc.).

b) “Data processing” is the collection of Personal Data as well as any other activity involving such data e.g. the registering, organisation, storage, revision, search, disclosure, destruction etc.

c) “Data controller” is the person or legal entity, public authority or other organisation which -on its own or jointly with others- decides on the purpose and procedure of processing and bears the responsibility arising thereof towards the data subjects.

d) “Firewall”: The Web Application Firewall/WAF which the Hellenic Parliament has installed for the security of the Portal.

e) “Data logs”: Electronic files of movement on the Portal which are recorded on the application servers which the Hellenic Parliament uses for the function of the Portal.

f) “Cookies”: Small files of data in the form of text which the Portal uses and which are stored on the electronic device which you use for accessing the internet and the Portal (pc, mobile, tablet etc.), in respect of which you can find detailed information here.

g) “Platform”: The electronic system of registering information at the secure address which you can use in case you wish to contact the Hellenic Parliament, clicking on the link “Contact” on the Portal.


Data Controller

The Controller of the data processed via the Portal is the Hellenic Parliament, which you can contact via the Platform or at the following address: Parliament Mansion (Megaro Voulis), GR-10021, Athens, email:, call center: +30 210 3707000.


Personal data which are collected automatically

The Hellenic Parliament does not directly collect your personal information via the Portal, but only the anonymous technical identifiers which are collected by all websites internationally, such as your IP address, your browser, the operating system and the web service providers which you use, the websites and Website links which you choοse etc.

The above information constitutes Data logs and are registered automatically on the Portal servers, except for the ip address which is only registered on the Firewall (WAF) and is not registered on our servers. The above information could exceptionally lead to your identification, but only if the danger of unauthorised use of the Portal arises.

Such data are collected and processed for as long as necessary for the proper function and safety of the Portal, on the basis of the relevant obligation of protection of the public interest and in the context of exercising the public authority which has been delegated to the Hellenic Parliament by the Constitution and the legislation in force. Exceptionally,  the Hellenic Parliament does not collect or otherwise process any information from specific cookies which are not essential for the function of the Portal (non-obligatory cookies) unless you agree to install them i.e. by providing your consent and specifically stated here


Information which you register

If you wish to contact the Hellenic Parliament, specific data will additionally be collected which you yourself will insert on the Platform  (name and surname, contact details, category and content of request/comment) which are required for our communication. The collection and processing of the above data is based on your consent, as specifically stated in the relevant information which can be found on the Platform.


Third party links & Social Media 

The Portal includes links to social media and other websites controlled by other Data Controllers and who may process your data. The Hellenic Parliament bears no responsibility for such processing.


Links to third party websites

The Website might include links to other websites and social media, which are controlled by other Data Controllers and who may process your data. The Hellenic Parliament bears no responsibility for such processing.


Your rights and how to exercise them

You can at any time send an e-mail to to be informed as to whether the Hellenic Parliament processes your personal data via the Portal and if that is the case to request the correction, change or deletion or limitation of the Processing in accordance with the legislation in force.

Furthermore, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (, Kifissias Av. 1-3, 11523 Αmbelokipi, tel.: +30 210 6475600 ).



In case of changes in the operation of the Portal which affects the Processing, the Hellenic Parliament will revise the present Information Statement and will upload it on the Portal to enable you to be advised accordingly and exercise your rights effectively.

Le portail Web du Parlement grec utilise les cookies comme mentionné spécifiquement ici