Organisation & Fonctionnement : Assemblée plénière

Composition de la XVIIe législature


Evangelos Apostolou

Député Eubée

Contact Info


Chalkida, 8A, Ifigeneias Str.A, T.K. 34100
Tel.: 22210 84863, Fax: 22210 84863
Voulis 4, Athens, 105 62,
tel.: 210 3706101, 210 3706301,
fax: 210 3706501

Information personnelles

Date et Lieu de naissance:
He was born on 28/5/1949 and lives in Halkida.
État civil:
He is married to Zoe Kemane, who is a lawyer, and they have two daughters, Elena, a lawyer also, and Maria, who is a philologist.
He has worked at the Agricultural Bank of Greece.
He has studied forestry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Activités parlementaires

He has served the Greek Parliament as a Deputy of Synaspismos (the Left Coalition) in Evia, during 1996- 2000.
As a deputy of the Greek Parliament he has been a member of two Standing Committees, the Finance Committee and the Production and Trade Committee. Because of his intense activity, he was happy to be acknowledged by the media editors at the Greek Parliament, as one of the most productive deputies, both at the legislative work and the parliamentary control.
He has been re- elected as deputy of Evia at the Greek Parliament with Syriza at the elections of 6th May and 17th June 2012.

Activités politiques/sociales

He has been a member of the Policy Secretariat of Synaspismos from 2004 until 2010 and has also been a member of the Central Policy Committee from 1998 up to now.
As a member of the Policy Secretariat of Synaspismos he had been at first coordinating issues referring to local administration and regional development and afterwards, Ecology, Environment and Agricultural Policy.
As an active citizen he has been defending and promoting several environmental issues and is also standing by the workers, the farmers and all of the people who have strived to defend their jobs and their rights.
In addition to this, with constant article publishing, both at local and national newspapers (Eleftherotipia, Avgi etc) he managed to higlight many issues of the political and social life of our region.


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