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Composition de la XVIIe législature

Konstantinos  GkioulekasNEA DΙMOKRATIA

Konstantinos Gkioulekas

Député Thessalonique A

Contact Info

Thessaloniki’s office: 46, Agias Sofias str., Thessaloniki, Postal Code 54623.
Tel.: 2310-271510, 2310- 271610, 2310-270300
Athens Office: 37, Andrea Papandreou str., Marousi, Postal Code 15180, Tel: 210 3443517, 3442865, fax: 210 3443383
1, Mitropoleos str., Athens, PC 105 57
tel: 0030 210 3709315-6, 0030 210 3709319

Information personnelles

Date et Lieu de naissance:
Konstantinos Gioulekas was born in Thessaloniki.
État civil:
He comes from a family of merchants, son of Petros and Magdalinis Papadopoulou- Giouleka. He has a son, the 12 year-old Petros-Grigoris.
He worked as a lawyer for 20 years, specialized in Criminal and Commercial Law and in cases regarding Copyrights. Member of Thessaloniki’s Lawyers Association.
At first he gets his bachelors degree in Law and then he obtains a second bachelors degree in Political Sciences and Administrative Law in Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki. He moved on with his postgraduate studies in Criminal Law and he is currently a PhD student in Constitutional Law, at the Chair of Political History in the Faculty of Law of Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki.
He speaks English, French and Italian.

Activités parlementaires

He has been elected 4 times MP in Thessaloniki A, first in votes, with the party of Nea Dimokratia in May 2012, October 2009, September 2007 and March 2004 elections. He was elected MP for the first time in April 2000 in Thessaloniki A, second in the voting list, with the party of Nea Dimokratia but he lost his seat in the Elections Court due to a constitutional incompatibility.

Activités politiques/sociales

For 27 years he worked as a reporter, journalist, editor, chief editor, news director and article writer in newspapers, magazines, radio stations and tv channels, like «Ellinikos Vorras», «Vradyni», «Makedonia », «Thessaloniki », «Spor tou Vorra», ERT, the Municipal Channel of Thessaloniki TV100, New Channel, Extra Channel, FM100, A103 FM and others. Member of Thessaloniki’s Association of Journalists (ESIEMTH). He has taught for many years at schools for Journalism.
He was Minister of Internal Affairs, in charge of matters regarding the Media and Press, Secretary of Planning and Head of the Sector of Justice of Nea Dimokratia party. He has also taken up the positions of deputy Head of Sector of Foreign Affairs, spokesman of Nea Dimokratia in the National Board of Foreign Affairs, deputy member of the Political Assembly of the European People’s Party and Member of the Greek Parliamentary Delegation to NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He was also head of Media and Press matters of Nea Dimokratia in Thessaloniki, member of the Ideological Committee of Nea Dimokratia in Thessaloniki an member of the Legislative Service of Nea Dimokratia.
Head of the opposition party in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, “Omada Dimiourgias gia tin Thessaloniki”.
He is the third founder of the Youth Association of Nea Demokratia (ONNED) in Northern Greece, member of Youth Associations of Nea Demokratia ΜΑΚΙ, ONNED, DAP-NDFK and founding member of Special Party Commitees of Nea Dimokratia of Lawyers and Cultural Associations.
Founding member and President of the civil non-profit company “Me Allilegyi Zoume Isotima” – Μ.Α.Ζ.Ι.», that founded and functions a Social Groceries store in Thessaloniki.
Member in many Associations and Unions. In some of them he has been President and member of their Administrative Board.
For many years Kostas Gioulekas has been collecting documents and items from the Greek National Wars. His collection consists of documents, newspapers, unpublished photographs, letter cards, official military documents and commands, military uniforms, weapons and guns from various periods, like the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Macedonian War, the Balkan Wars and the Epos of 1940-’41. In 2004 he gave his collection of artifacts and heirlooms of 1940-’41 to the War Museum of Thessaloniki, for a permanent exhibition, called «This is how we fought 1940 – ‘41». The exhibition was inaugurated by the President of Democracy Karolos Papoulias in October 2005.
In 2008 he published the book «EPOS 1940 – ’41 THE WAR Day by Day From the newspapers of that time», based on his personal collection of newspapers and documents of that period, and which was awarded a special prize from the Foundation of Journalism “Ath. Botsi”.


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