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Composition de la XVIIe législature

Athanasios  BourasNEA DΙMOKRATIA

Athanasios Bouras


Contact Info

3, Themistokleous str., 10677, Athens Tel.: 210 3303066, fax: 210 3301970.

Information personnelles

Date et Lieu de naissance:
Born in 1947.
État civil:
Married to Katerina Karadimitri. They have together a son and a daughter.
University Professor Ph.D. Physicist
Department of Physics, University of Athens. M.Sc. in Meteorology, M.Sc. in Radio-electronics. Degree in Pedagogical Studies. Ph.D. in Physics, University of Athens.

Activités parlementaires

Elected MP in the Attica Constituency with the Nea Demokratia political party in the 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2009 general elections.
Head of the Employment and Social Welfare Domain of Nea Demokratia (2000- 2007).
Member of the Parliamentary Domain of Education of Nea Demokratia (2000-2009).
Chairman of the Hellenic-Argentinean parliamentary collaboration (2004-2009).
Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Economic Affairs (2007-2009).
Member of the Parliament Committee on Social Affairs (2000-2007).
Member of the Parliament Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice (2004-2007).
Member of the Special Committee on Constituencies (2003-2007).

Activités politiques/sociales

Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, with particular responsibility in investment and growth issues, since January 2009.
Prefect of Evia (1989-1990). Prefect of Western Attica (1990-1993).
Faculty Member in the University of Athens from 1973 to 1979 and then Professor in the General Department of Physics – Chemistry and Material Technology of the Technical Educational Institute of Athens until 1989. Vice-chairman of TEI Athens until 1989. During his academic career, he has published widely in his field.
Member of the Nea Demokratia Central Committee. Active political member of the Nea Demokratia party since 1974.


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