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Composition de la XVIIe législature

Georgios  PapandreouKINIMA ALLAGIS

Georgios Papandreou

Député Achaïe

Contact Info

22, Ippokratous str., 10680, ATHENS, Tel: 2103665381

Information personnelles

Date et Lieu de naissance:
Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, on 16-06-1952.
État civil:
Married to Ada Papapanou and has a daughter and a son
Sociology, Amherst University, USA; emigration issues, University of Stockholm; postgraduate Studies in the Sociology of Development, London School of Economics, and International Relations, Harvard University. English, Swedish.
English, Swedish.

Activités parlementaires

Elected MP (PASOK) for Achaia in the general elections of 1981, 1985, 1989 (June and November), 1990, and 1993; and for Athens A in the general elections of 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2007. In the general election of 2009 he was elected MP for Attica.

Activités politiques/sociales

Minister for Foreign Affairs since 18-02-1999 to 10-03-2004. Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs, 25-09-1996 to 18-02-1999; Minister for Education and Religious Affairs (1988-1989 and 1994-1996); Deputy Minister for Culture (1985-1987); Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs (1993-1994). Member of the PASOK Central Committee since 1984. Vice-president of the Centre for Research and Self-Learning. Sits on the Boards of the Mediterranean Research Foundation and the Georgos Papandreou Foundation. Founding member of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, and co-ordinator of the campaign to win the 2004 Olympic Games for Athens. Received awards from the Botsis foundation for his struggle for free radio stations, 1988; from “SOS Racism” for his contribution in the fight against racism and xenophobia, 1996. He also received the Ipektsi Prize for his activities towards Greek-Turkish rapprochement (as Minister for Education (1995-1996). Proclaimed a Great Crusader of the Order of Orthodox Crusaders of the Holy Sepulchre, and awarded the Grand Cross by Diodoros I, the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Published (in Greek): 1974-1990: The Orbit of History, and The Tree and the Forest (1996).


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