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Leonidas  GrigorakosDEMOCRATIC COALITION (Panhellenic Socialist Movement  Democratic Left )

Leonidas Grigorakos

Member of Parliament Lakonia

Contact Info

Web Site:
1, Mitropoleos str., 10557, Athens,
Tel.: 0030 210-3709521-9522, fax: 0030 210-3709520.
83, Kon/nou Palaiologou str., Sparti, Lakonia,
Tel.: 2731/083000, 2731/081500 Fax 2731/081502.

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Born in Spartia, Lakonia, on 22-07-1953.
Marital Status:
Married to Sofia Andritsopoulou and has two daughters.
Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; doctorate from the University of Athens; specialised in the USA.
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

Elected MP (PASOK) for Lakonia in the general elections of 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2009.
Member of the Standing Committees on Social Affairs, and on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice.

Political/Social Activities

Practising Pneumonologist and Intensive Care Specialist in the National Health System having studied for his specialisation in the USA. Director of the Intensive Care Unit of the KAT hospital in Kifisia since August 1996. Elected Alternate Professor of Pneumonology and Intensive Care in the Medical Care Department of the University of Athens since 2001. Published over 400 papers in medical journals in Greece and abroad and has made a similar number of presentations at conferences in Greece and internationally. He has also written three books on medicine. Member of many committees and working groups within the National Health System (ESY) and ministerial advisory groups. Board member of the Pneumonological Society and the Society for Healthcare Studies for several terms. Served as alternate Director of the National Centre for First Aid (EKAB), vice-president of the Elpis Hospital, President the Agia Olga Hospital, and President of the Elena Venizelou Hospital between 1981 and his election to Parliament in 2000. Member of PASOK since 1974 and elected to various offices within the party structure. Highly active trade unionist: Chairman of the Employees’ Association of the Sotiria Hospital for a four-year term; member of the three–member secretariat of the Hospital Employees Section; alternate secretary of the Hospital Employee Section; founding member of the Federation of Employees in General Hospitals; and elected representative of the Panhellenic Association of Public Hospital Employees. Member of the Disciplinary Council of the Athens Medical Association; member of the PASOK Social Policy Section; member of the Medical Training and Specialisation Committee of the Central Health Council; and member of the Committee on Intensive Care Units. He is also the main speaker on Foreign Affairs debated and decided on within the PASOK Parliamentary Work Group on National Defence and Foreign Affairs.

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