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Rodoula  ZisiPA.SO.K.

Rodoula Zisi

Member of Parliament Magnesia

Contact Info

93, Polymeri str, Volos 38222, Tel. 2421037586, fax: 2421038698.
4, Voulis, Athens 10562 Tel. 2103706399, fax: 2103706599.

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Born in Volos on 17-02-1953.
Marital Status:
Agronomist - Surveyor.
Surveying, Thessaloniki Polytechnic.
Foreign Languages:
English, French, Italian.

Parliamentary Activities

Elected MP (PASOK) for Magnesia in the general elections of 1993, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2009.
Elected secretary of the Presidium of Parliament on 22-10-1993; re-elected on 03-10-1995. Elected Dean of the House on 09-10-1996. Member of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs and the Special Standing Committee on Greeks Abroad. Participates on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (committees on Social Affairs and Health, on Science and Technology, on the Environment, Local Government, and Relations with Other Parliaments. Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Western European Union (Committee on Technology and Air Space).

Political/Social Activities

Deputy Minister for the Environment, Town Planning and Public Works since 24-10-2001 to 10-03-2004. Deputy Minister for the National Economy, 23-06-1999 to 13-04-2000. Member of the co-ordinating committee for the student protests at the Polytechnic in Thessaloniki in 1973. Member of PASOK since 1974. Founding member of PASP, the PASOK student branch, and of the PASOK Youth Organisation at the Polytechnic. Elected onto the PASOK Central Committee at the 3rd, 4th and 5th Party Conferences. Secretary of the PASOK Parliamentary Work Group on Economic Affairs. Member of the Women’s Section of the European Socialist Party (1993-1998). Board member of the Surveyors’ Association of Magnesia, and a founding member of the Union of Greek Women Engineers, which is associated with the European Network of Female Engineers. Member of the Administrative Committee of the Magnesia branch of the Hellenic Technical Chamber of Commerce until 1990. As an engineer, worked on large technical projects in Greece and abroad. Elected onto Volos City Council in 1990; re-elected in 1994. Chairperson of the twin towns committee of the city of Volos. Member of UNESCO.

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