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ΝΙΚΗ Kouroupaki Ioanni Aspasia Athens B1 Constituency (North)
PLEFSI-ELEFTHERIAS Konstantopoulou Nikolaou Zoh Athens B1 Constituency (North)
SPARTIATES Katsibardas Basileiou Charalampos Athens B1 Constituency (North)
NEA ARISTERA Tsakalotos Stefanou Eykleidis Athens B1 Constituency (North)
NEA DIMOKRATIA Chrysochoidis Basileiou Michail Athens B2 Constituency (West)
NEA DIMOKRATIA Barbitsiotis Ioanni Miltiadis Athens B2 Constituency (West)
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NEA DIMOKRATIA Loberdos Petrou Ioannis Michahl Giannis Athens B2 Constituency (West)
NEA DIMOKRATIA Syreggela Konstantinou Maria Athens B2 Constituency (West)
SYRIZA-PROODEFTIKI SYMMACHIA Dourou Athanasiou Eirhni Rena Athens B2 Constituency (West)
PASOK-KINAL Giannakopoulou Ioanni Konstantina Nantia Athens B2 Constituency (West)
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