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Composition of Current (17th) Term

Nikolaos Chrhstou Tagaras

Nikolaos Chrhstou Tagaras

Member of Parliament Korinthia

Contact Info

Mitropoleos 1, Athens Phone 210 3228508 fax 210 3709370 and

108 Koliatsou Street, Corinth Phone 27410 73371, 73451 fax 27410 73796

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Chiliomodi, 1956
Marital Status:
Father of two sons who are civil engineers.
Civil Engineer N.T.U.
School of Civil Engineering National Technical University of Athens. During his studies he gained many grants from the State Scholarships Foundation.
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

Member of Hellenic Parliament (elections in 2012 and in 2019) – elected in Korinthos constituency – with New Democracy party.

Political/Social Activities

President of the Special Permanent Committee on Research and Technology in the Hellenic Parliament (2019)
Vice President of the Standing Committee on Production and Trade in the Hellenic Parliament (2019)
Member of the Standing Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice (2019)
President of the Greece – Swiss Parliament Friendship Group and Member of the Greece-Portugal and Greece-Croatia Parliament Friendship Group.
Deputy Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change – during the governing (2014)
President of the Special Permanent Committee on Road Safety in the Hellenic Parliament (2012)
Prefect of Korinthos (2003-2010)
Mayor of Teneas municipality (1999-2002)
President of Local Association of Communes of Korinthos prefecture (1999-2002)
President of Chiliomodi community (1987-1994)
President and Chief Executive of Developing Company Peloponnesus PLC
Vice president of the Regional Fund of the Region of Peloponnesus


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