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Kyriaki Malama

Member of Parliament Halkidiki

Contact Info

Web Site:
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Asklipiou 39, Polygyros
Tel. (0030) 2371024633

Aristotelous 1, Ierissos
Tel. (0030) 2377023759

Voulis 4, Athens
Tel. (0030) 2103706157
Fax. (0030) 2103706557

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Sykia, Halkidiki.
Marital Status:
Mother of a child.
Film director
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

- Culture, education and sports
- Environment
- Tourism
- Agricultural development
- Local development

Political/Social Activities

- President of ERT3 contractors.
- Vice President of the Association of Filmmakers - Producers of ERT SA.
- Founding member of the Greek Directors Association in Thessaloniki.
- Candidate Member of SYRIZA in Halkidiki (2007 and 2009).
- Founding member of the inter-municipal movement Halkidiki S.O.S. (preventing people of Halkidiki from claims of monasteries of Mount Athos controverting the ownership of their land).
- Candidate for Mayor of Sithonia (2010).
- Candidate Regional Councilor with Radical Regional Unity (2014).
- After the unconstitutional closure of ERT3, she served the fight for free public television.
- Candidate Deputy of SYRIZA in Thessaloniki 1st circumscription (2015).
- Candidate MEP of SYRIZA (2019).

Member of the Central Committee of SYRIZA.

She has directed in the free theater, in Municipal Regional Theaters and in the Cyprus State Theater Organization. She has served the sociopolitical documentary since 1995, directing 56 documentaries in Greece, Palestine, Bosnia, Albania, Turkey and other countries. She has participated in many festivals and has received many awards at international and national level. She also taught "Theatrical Play and Education through Art" in the schools of the Municipality of Neapoli in Thessaloniki.

From 1995 to 2013 she worked with the Third Channel of Greek Television (ET-3) as a director of internal productions concerning social and political themes. At the same time, she began producing films - documentaries with political and social content in Sarajevo, Palestine, Israel, Albania, Cyprus, at the coasts of Minor Asia, Pontus and Turkey and she directed the following films :

(1996) Human Stories, 6 Episode Series - 1998 Neighbors Without Borders - (1998) On Trace - (1999) Jerusalem - Sarajevo: Two Cities Injuries - (2000) Red - Black - (2000) Vasco Karatza - (2001) You And I - (2001) 39405 - One Testimony - (2001) Captain Kemal - (2002) Black Flag - (2002) The Other Side - (2003) Madame Despina - (2003) In The City - (2003) Women in Little Paris - (2003) Albanian Melodrama - (2004) Memory and Vision, 10 episodes - (2005) Troubled Years, series of 14 dramatized episodes - (2012-2013) A Legacy, series of 10 dramatized episodes.

From 2012 to 2013 Director of ET3 Entertainment Department.

From 2015 to 2019 Head of ERT3 Program Directorate and member of the Board of Directors of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, as a representative of ERT SA.

Distinctions- Awards:

(1998) Participation in the Krakow Documentary Film Festival with the film "Up on Traces".

(2004) Distinction at the Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival "The Other Side" (Honorable Mention).

(2011) Awarded by the 13th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival as a tribute to the whole work and contribution to the documentary art.

(2013) Awarded the 1st Audience Award at the 15th Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival for the film "With Soul in the Mouth" (from the series A Heritage).

(2013) Awarded the "Best Creative Documentary Award" at the London International Film Festival for Foreign Country (From A Heritage Series).

(2017) The short film ‘Prometheus' concerning the fight against drugs of addicted prisoners was screened at the UN meeting in Vienna and then distributed to Member States.

(2017) Honorable Mention in St. Petersburg (Russia) for the short film "St. Petersburg-Aristotle Municipality".


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