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Tryfon Z. Alexiadis

Member of Parliament Piraeus B

Contact Info

Web Site:
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1 Metropoleos Str., 105 57 Athens
tel: 210 4631967 / 210 4615425 /6980177700

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Place and Date οf Birth: Born in 1960 in Kavala, both of his parents were teachers. He grew up in the villages of Xeria and Chrysochori in Kavala. His grandparents come from Cappadocia, Peloponnese and Eastern Thrace. He has moved to Korydallos since 1972 and has resided in Nikaia, since 2003 until today.
Marital Status:
He is married to Sofia Yiannou and they have two daughters, Katerina and Eudokia, who work in the private sector and reside in Nikaia.
Economist. He worked in big business accounting from the third year of his studies, (Ship Repair Zone in Perama, Construction Industry etc.) until was appointed the Ministry of Finance in 1987.
Graduate of ASΟEE (Athens University of Economics and Business - Department of Business Administration)

Parliamentary Activities

He ran for the first time and was elected MP of SYRIZA in Piraeus B’ in July 7th, 2019 elections.
As MP he participates in the following Committees:
1. Standing Committee on Economic Affairs
2. Committee on the Financial Statement and the General Balance Sheet and the implementation of the State Budget
3. Committee on Parliament Finances
And he is also
1. Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Greece - Malta
2. Member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Greece - Israel
3. Member of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Greece - Serbia

Political/Social Activities

Politically left active from his student years (EKON RIGAS FERAIOS –B’ PANELLADIKI), participated in the founding of the COALITION OF THE LEFT (SYNASPISMOS) and its evolution into COALITION OF THE RADICAL LEFT – PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE (SYRIZA - PS) from various positions of responsibility (Member of the Central Committee, Coordinator of the Department of Economic Policy etc)
He was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance on 18.7.2015 with Prime Minister A. Tsipras, maintaining this ministerial position on 28.8.2015 with V. Thanou as PM of the Transitional Government and continued on 23.9.2015 with the new government of PM A. Tsipras. During his 16-month term as Deputy Minister, he was primarily responsible for tax revenues and public property matters.
He became the number one speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, on speeches of bills and answers to current questions, according to Parliament statistics, despite not being a Member of Parliament. Member of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Fight against Corruption and the Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Evaluation of the Social Security System.
Upon completion of his term of office (cabinet reshuffle 5.11.2016), submitted a full report and planning (apologismos-proframatismos.pdf (
Ηe was elected as:
- Member of the Central Administration of the Economic Chamber of Greece.
- Vice President of the Occupational Insurance Fund of the Ministry of Finance.
- Vice President of the Federation of TaxOfficials and President of the Association of Taxmen of Attica and the Cyclades.


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