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Eleftherios Avramakis

Member of Parliament Serres

Contact Info

Seleykou 4-6, Serres PC 62125
Phone 23210 65320, 23210 28066
Voulis 4, Athens, PC 10562
Phone: 210 3706347, FAX: 210 3706547

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
Eleftherios Avramakis was born in 1970 in Serres, region of Macedonia, Greece.
Marital Status:
He is married and father of two children.
He has been working at the Bank of Greece since 1999 and is the Head of the Money Transfer Supervision and Control Service.
He also served in the Fire Department from 1997 to 1999.
Graduate of the Economics Department of Law (NOE), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).
Holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the International University of Greece.
Foreign Languages:

Parliamentary Activities

Elected Member of the Hellenic Parliament- Circonscription of Serres, with SYRIZA - Progressive Alliance, in July 2019 elections.
Member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Member of the Special Standing Committee on European Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament.

Political/Social Activities

- 1st runner up MP for SYRIZA in Serres, during the January and September 2015 national elections.
He was: - Vice President and Organizing Secretary of the Serres Labor Center (2007 - 2015).
- Member of the General Council of OTOE - Federation of Bank Εmployees' Associations of Greece (2018-2019).
- Member of the Board of Directors of SYTE (Bank of Greece Employees Association) (2015 - 2017).
- Vice President of the General Hospital of Serres (2010 - 2011).
He was a member of PASP, PASKE and PASOK until 2011.
He is currently member of SYRIZA - Progressive Alliance and member of Independent Intervention and Trade Union Cooperation.


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