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Final composition of the 2nd Term (20/11/1977 - 19/09/1981)

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Vardinogiannis Pavlos Neoliberals party Rethymno
Perakis Georgios PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Rethymno
Papantoniou Antonios NEA DIMOKRATIA Rodopi
Imamoglou Chasan National Alignment Rodopi
Vradelis Dimitrios PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Rodopi
Bletsas Stylianos NEA DIMOKRATIA Rodopi
Spyrou Ioannis NEA DIMOKRATIA Samos
Kratsas Zacharias NEA DIMOKRATIA Samos
Karamanlis Achillefs Georgiou NEA DIMOKRATIA Serres
Kleitos Nikolaos NEA DIMOKRATIA Serres
Lavrentidis Isaak NEA DIMOKRATIA Serres
Kositzidis Georgios NEA DIMOKRATIA Serres
Intzes Vasileios PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Serres
Anthopoulos Efstathios PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Serres
Christoglou Ioannis NEA DIMOKRATIA Serres
Damianidis Alexandros PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Serres
Dervenagas Athanasios NEA DIMOKRATIA Trikala
Giannousis Kleovoulos NEA DIMOKRATIA Trikala
Oikonomou Christos PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Trikala
Papachristos Athanasios E.DI.K. Trikala
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Replacements of MPs during the Term

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Chatziimpram Orchan PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Xanthi Zeïmpek Tzelal
Chatzis Ioannis E.DI.K. Piraeus B Papapolitis Nikolaos
Davidopoulos Georgios PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Kozani Natsinas Markos
Giannou Asimina KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Thessaloniki A Sachinis Dimitrios
Gkikas Solon
(απεβίωσε στις 08/09/1978)
NEA DIMOKRATIA State Palaiokrassas Ioannis
Gontikas Dimitrios KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Piraeus B Kepesis Nikandros
Karamanlis Konstantinos NEA DIMOKRATIA Athens A Devletoglou Evangelos
Katsivardakos Vasileios NEA DIMOKRATIA Piraeus A Biris Stavros
Kavaratzis Ioannis NEA DIMOKRATIA Evros Stamatopoulos Charalampos
Konitsas Themistoklis
(απεβίωσε στις 24/11/1980)
NEA DIMOKRATIA Viotia Ktistakis Nikolaos
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