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Final composition of the 13th Term (04/10/2009 - 11/04/2012)

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Ignatiadis Theodoros Georgiou KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Thessaloniki B
Ioannidis Ioannis NEA DIMOKRATIA Thessaloniki A
Kaili Evdoxia-Eva PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Thessaloniki A
Kaklamanis Apostolos PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Athens B
Kalafatis Stayros Athanasiou NEA DIMOKRATIA Thessaloniki A
Kalantidou Sofia KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Thessaloniki A
Kalapotharakos Christos LA.O.S. Of Attica (rest)
Kalogiannis Stavros NEA DIMOKRATIA Ioannina
Kammenos Panagiotis (Panos) ANEXARTITOI ELLINES (Independent Hellenes) Athens B
Kanelli Garyfallia Liana Chrhstou KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Athens A
Kanteres Nikolaos NEA DIMOKRATIA Of Attica (rest)
Karagkounis Konstantinos Andrea NEA DIMOKRATIA Aitoloαkarnania
Karamanlis Konstantinos NEA DIMOKRATIA Thessaloniki A
Karanikas Ilias PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Evrytania
Karaoglou Theodoros Georgiou NEA DIMOKRATIA Thessaloniki B
Karapanagioti Tatiana PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) State
Karasmanis Georgios Athanasiou NEA DIMOKRATIA Pella
Karathanasopoulos Nikolaos Petrou KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Achaia
Karatzaferis Georgios LA.O.S. Athens B
Karchimakis Michail PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Lasithi
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Replacements of MPs during the Term

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Zouni Panagiota (Pemi) PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Athens A Vagena Anna
Varvarigos Dimitrios PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Zakynthos Klavdianou Maria
Tzekis Angelos
(απεβίωσε στις 19/06/2011)
KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Thessaloniki B Ignatiadis Theodoros Georgiou
Tsokli Maria Glykeria (Magia) PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) State Karapanagioti Tatiana
Stasinos Pavlos PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Arta Gkokas Christos
Souflias Georgios NEA DIMOKRATIA State Antonaros Evangelos
Skoulakis Emmanouil PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Chania Kouroupaki Evagelia
Rompopoulos Thomas PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Thessaloniki A Tektonidou Kyriaki (Voula)
Nasiokas Ektoras PA.SO.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement) Larissa Alexandridou Vasiliki
Michaloliakos Vasileios Ioanni NEA DIMOKRATIA Piraeus A Melas Panagiotis
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