Ratification of the Agreement of 11.12.2018 on the Amendment of Provisions of the Concession Agreement of the 31st of May 2007 for the Work “Design, Construction, Financing, Operation, Maintenance and Exploitation of the Motorway of Central Greece (E65), which was ratified by law 3597/2007 (A΄ 168), as it was amended a) by the “Amending Agreement of Provisions of the Concession Agreement” of 28.11.2013 which was ratified by the second article of law 4219/2013 “Ratification of the Amending Agreements of the Concession Agreements of major road works and regulation of related matters” (A΄ 269), and b) by the “Amending Agreement of Provisions of the Agreement of 28.11.2013 for the Amendment of provisions of the Concession Agreement” which was ratified by article 44 of law 4354/2015 “Non-performing loans management, wage provisions and other urgent provisions concerning the implementation of the fiscal goals and structural reforms agreement” (A΄ 176).
Standing committe on production and trade
Gov Gazette No
217 Α'/24.12.2018
Law No
Elaboration Phase
Date of Elaboration Phase
The photocopy isn't the final text because spelling, syntax and legislative corrections are pending
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Explanatory Report
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Report of the Committee
Report of the Scientific Service
Σ/Ν μετά την ψήφιση των άρθρων
Enacted Law
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