Apostolos  KaranastasisSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)

Apostolos Karanastasis

Member of Parliament Fthiotida

Contact Info

Web Site:
4, Voulis str., Athens 10562,
tel. +30 210 3706159, 3706359,
fax. +30 210 3706559
3, Diakou Str., 2nd floor, Lamia 35100
Tel.: 2231026917, Fax : 2231026251

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
24/01/1958, Lamia, County of Fthiotis.
Marital Status:
Married to Vicki with 2 children (Dimitris and Marios).
Electronics Engineer.
1989 – end of 2014 : Electronic data processing supervisor in Lamia’s Water Supply Company, specialized in G.I.S.
End of 2014 : Resigned in order to participate to the Greek Parliamentary Elections of January 2015.
BSc in Electronics Engineering, University of Padova, Italy, specialization in Computing
Foreign Languages:
Italian, English

Parliamentary Activities

Member of the Greek Parliament since 25/1/2015.

Political/Social Activities

Chairman of the Student’s Council “ D. Glinos” in Padova, Italy, during his studies.
1991 – 1998 : Community Chairman of Stavros / Lamia (elected twice).
1998 – 2007 : Alderman of municipality of Lamia.
1995 – 1998 : Vice President of Local Municipalities Union (County of Fthiotis)
1999 – 2007 : Member of the Board of Local Municipalities Union (County of Fthiotis)
1994 – 2007 : Member of the Technical Board of Public Works ( County of Fthiotis – Choice of all (3) administrations of the Board of Local Municipalities Union at the certain period)
1995 – 2007 : Member of the Regional Board of Public Works (Region of “Sterea Hellas”), as representative of the Central Municipalities Union.
1999 – 2002 : Member of the Board of the Municipal Art Gallery and the Youth Council of Lamia.
2003 – 2007 : Member of the Board of the Municipal Conservatory of Lamia. Technical Chamber of Greece (Member since his graduation as Electronics Engineer)
2007 – 2009 : Secretary of sector of Eastern “Sterea Hellas”
2010 – today : Chairman of sector of Eastern “Sterea Hellas” (Elected twice). During his term at the Lamia Municipality he was among the prime movers that achieved the removal of the mobile phone antennas from the local residential areas, representing the Municipality in the Court.
He is a frequent columnist of the local press, mainly focusing on environmental issues, traffic problems and technological innovations.