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Apostolos  KaklamanisPA.SO.K. (Mouvement socialise panhellénique)

Apostolos Kaklamanis

Former Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament

Member of Parliament ATHENES Β

Contact Info

58, Solomou str., 10682 Athens. Tel: (00 30) 210 3608640, Fax. (0030) 210 3603852.

Information personnelles

Date et Lieu de naissance:
He was born in Karya, Lefkada, on 07.09.1936.
État civil:
He is married to Athena-Anna Gavera and has a son and a daughter.
Law, University of Athens.

Activités parlementaires

He is being elected MP (PASOK) in Athens B constituency, since 1974 to date. On 22.10.93, he was elected President of the Hellenic Parliament, and re-elected on 8.10.96 & on 21.4.2000. He remained in office up to 20.3.2004. He participates in the Standing Committee on Public Administration, Public Order & Justice, in the Committee on Public Enterprises, Banks and Utilities organizations and in the Special Permanent Committee on Institutions and Transparency. He is also a vice President of the Hellenic Parliament’s Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy.

Activités politiques/sociales

He was successively Minister of Labour, Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs, Minister of Research and Technology, Minister of Justice, Minister to the Presidency of the Government and Minister of Health, Welfare and Social Security (from 18.11.88 to 18.6.89) in the PASOK Government under Andreas Papandreou (1981-1989), and Minister of Labour in the coalition government under Prime Minister Xenophon Zolotas (November 1989 - February 1990).
He practiced law for many years, having completed his high school studies at night school.
He was Secretary General of the Ministry of Welfare (1964-1965) and Chairman of the Centre Union Party youth organisation (ONEK) during the party’s Unremitting Struggle (1962-1963).
Member of the administrative committee of the Democratic National Resistance Movement (DEKA) during the military dictatorship (1967-1974). After his release from prison, with a five – year suspension, he joined the Pan-Hellenic Liberation Movement (PAK), he continued his anti-dictatorship activities and provided a legal defense for many freedom fighters on trial, by the military regime’s Court Martial.
He was a founding member of PASOK in 1974, member of the PASOK Central Committee since 1977, member of the Executive Bureau from 1988 until 2005 and member of the Parliamentary Group Coordinators.
He is now member of the PASOK National Council.

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