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European Regional Cooperation Conferences and Partnerships

European Regional Cooperation, Conferences and Partnerships include, among others, PAM (Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, EMPA (Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly), PABSEC (Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly), SEECP (South Eastern European Cooperation Process), AII (Adriatic-Ionian Initiative) etc.

Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM)

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) is an independent parliamentary institution in which Mediterranean Parliaments participate on an equal footing.  PAM is an evolution of the inter-parliamentary Conference on Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CSCM).  It has its own statutes and was established following a Greek initiative in Nafplio, in February 2005.

PAM members (fully fledged and associated) are the following: Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Israel, Croatia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Mauritania, Montenegro, Monaco, Palestine, the Republic of North Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, the Republic of San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia and Bulgaria, Georgia, the Russian Federation, the Holy See, Qatar, the Sovereign Order of Malta, the United Arab Emirates.

Its aims are: to provide impetus for cooperation amongst members by promoting political dialogue, to establish the best political, social, economic and cultural conditions for citizen prosperity and to guarantee regional peace, stability and security. 

The Assembly provides the framework for the work of the Plenary, the Bureau and the three Committees: 1) The Standing Committee on Political and Security Related Cooperation and Regional Stability 2) The Standing Committee on Economic, Social and Environmental Cooperation, Development and Partnership and 3) The Standing Committee on Dialogue among Civilizations and Human Rights.


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Arampatzi Fotini Head
Bartzokas Anastasios Member
Giannoulis Chrhstos Member
Batsina Eleni Member

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