Int'l Relations : Int'l Parliamentary Diplomacy & Activities

Friendship Groups

By virtue of a President’s formal decision, MPs may request, in writing, the setting up of parliamentary Friendship Groups which include members of all Parliamentary Groups.

Parliamentary Friendship Groups aim at enhancing parliamentary diplomacy at a global and bilateral level while promoting Greek views on issues of national and international significance.

Parliamentary Friendship Groups are an international institution, practiced by all parliaments and propped up by the statutes of IPU aiming at closer relations between the various Parliaments.

The 85 Friendship Groups in the Hellenic Parliament establish bilateral contacts and relations with parliaments in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia-Oceania.

Friendship Group contacts and sittings aim at closer cooperation with foreign parliaments while promoting Greek views and ideas on matters of global significance. They also promote issues of national concern and encourage stronger international partnerships.

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