Georgios Athanasiou Karasmanis

Georgios Athanasiou Karasmanis

Député Pella

Contact Info

Office: Kapodistriou 10, 58100 Yiannitsa,
tel: (00 30) 23820/83228,
fax: (00 30) 23820/24200.
Mitropoleos 1, Syntagma, Athens,
tel: +30 210-3709231-32
fax: 210 3709230

Information personnelles

Date et Lieu de naissance:
He was born in Palaia Pella on 4.8.1951.
État civil:
He is married to Ekaterini Speri and has a daughter.
He studied Politics and Economics at Athens University, specializing in agricultural economics.
English, Italian.

Activités parlementaires

He was elected MP ( ND) in the constituency of Pella in the general election of 1996, 2000, 2004, 2007 and 2009. At the IA parliamentary term he was the chairman of the Special Standing Committee on Regions, chairman and member of the Standing Committee on Production and Trade and also he participated in the Special Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad.

Activités politiques/sociales

He has been a member of ND since 1974. He participated in many social , cultural ,economic and trade union bodies on a local and national level ( Economic Chamber etc). In 1985- 1989 he was responsible for the administrative committee of the Secretariat of ND Agricultural sector, he was honored with a nomination in the ballot of State in 1985 and he participated in drawing up the agricultural parties program. On 4.11.2004 he was elected in ND head of Rural Development and Food sector. In the period 1996 – 2003 he was the parties responsible for the relations with EU , the World Trade Organisation , for the organizations falling under the Ministry of Economy, the Organisation for Farmers Insurance, plant production, trade,and competition Committee. He did his military service as a reserve second lieutenant officer and today he holds the rank of major on the reserve list. He co- authored the books “ the struggle for the peaches ”, “ the struggle for budget 2000 ”, various economic studies and many articles.

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