Int'l Relations : European Union

Committee on European Affairs

The Committee on European Affairs is established at the onset of the parliamentary term by a Speaker’s formal decision, in line with article 32 Α of the Standing Orders  which set forth its framework of activities and operations.

The Committee consists of a President, who must be one of the Parliament’s Deputy Speakers and whom the Speaker appoints as committee chair, and 30 MPs.

Greek MEPs may also have the floor during committee sittings.

The Committee on European Affairs mostly deals with: a) EU institutional affairs, b) issues pertaining to cooperation between Parliament and other EU national parliaments, EP and COSAC,c) European policy issues and d) regulatory acts by EU institutions.

The Committee may give an opinion by drafting a report addressed to Parliament and the Government, pursuant to article 41 Β.

The Committee may extend an invitation to any individual that might be of use to its work which, quite often, is the case with cabinet members and independent experts but also EU Commissioners, EU delegations or EP members.

In the past two years the Committee on European Affairs, along with other appropriate Hellenic Parliament committees adopted 13 opinions on EU legislative acts, which it then submitted to the European Commission; it also took part in three consultation procedures with regard to Green Papers.