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Inter – Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Inter-parliamentary Union is an International Organization that represents Parliaments of sovereign states. Two parliamentarians and peace-advocates, William Randal Cremer from the UK and Frederic Passy from France, took the initiative to found IPU in 1889. Currently, (April 2010), it consists of 155 Parliaments plus 9 associate members (with no voting right).

IPU headquarters are in Geneva and the official working languages are English and French.
It aimsto promote parliamentary dialogue, defend peace and Human Rights, foster closer working relations among the people and consolidate representative institutions. Moreover, the Union’s contribution was instrumental in establishing the International Tribunal in the Hague.
It also examines issues of international and global significance and supports UN efforts, with which it works closely together.

Hellenic Parliament has been an IPU member since 1890 and takes part in its business and proceedings by means of an all-party delegation (one MP per party is a regular member).

The appointment of Greek Parliamentarians to the aforementioned national Delegation is made by the Parliamentary Groups which choose amongst their members before having the respective decision signed by the Speaker of the Parliament.

Each year, two assembly sittings are held in different countries as respective member-parliaments offer to host them.
In the framework of these assembly sittings takes place the session of the General Secretaries of Parliaments, in which the Secretary General of the Hellenic Parliament, or any other representative he appoints attends.
In parallel to the works of the assembly sittings geopolitical groups also convene. Greece is part of the 12+ Group.

Σύνδεσμος προς τη σχετική ιστοσελίδα
Έτος Ιδρύσεως: 1889
Έτος λειτουργίας της Συνέλευσης: 1889

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