Elissavet (Mpetty) D. Skoufa

Member of Parliament Pieria

Contact Info

Web Site:
Ifaistou 9, Κaterini.
Τel 23510-34885
Mitropoleos 1, Αthens.
Τel: 210 3709262 Fax: 210- 3709260

Personal Info

Place and Date οf Birth:
United Kingdom, 28/4/1972
Modern Greek and German language teacher in private institution. // Supervisory Educational Consultant (German language) in major private institution of Thessaloniki.
2001: MSc in Philosophy from Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany (Greek State Scholarships Foundation scholar)
1997: ERASMUS participant at Freie Universität, Berlin (Greek State Scholarships Foundation scholar)
1997: BS Philosophy of the Department of Philosophical and Social Studies of the University of Krete, Rethymnon
Foreign Languages:
Fluent in German and English

Parliamentary Activities

Member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and the Special Standing Committee on equality, youth and human rights (as in the Subcommittee on people with special needs). She is also Secretary of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Finland and Secretary to the Friendship Group with Venezuela.
Also participated in parliamentary committee for education, the committee for road safety and as an alternate member of the Committee for NATO.

Political/Social Activities

Active since her student years in initiatives against social exclusion,for poverty alleviation, for recording the ecological footprint of human activities and for production restructuring at a local level.
Maintains active participation and networking in local collectives (Katerini Social Solidarity Kitchen, nation-wide organisations (Solidarity for All) and European Forums (mainly in Germany)
Ex- member of the Coordinating Committee against the industrial waste disposal by TOSOH in Litochoro and member of the European Social Forum.
Ex -member of Thessaloniki Women's Network, which operates mainly in the field of combating violence against women and exclusion due to gender.
Participated in Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki and the Ηaunt for Immigrants (organizing anti-racist festival, disseminating antiracist ideas for community groups and schools // providing financial, psychological and social support // organizing courses in Greek for immigrants and children of immigrants).
She has been an active participant in the internal party procedures of SYRIZA and has been consistently elected in organisational posts (coordinating member of RIZAREN of Pieria, coordinating member of the Katerini Local Organisation of SYRIZA, former member of the SYRIZA Regional Committee in Pieria). She has taken part in the National Elections of 2012 and the Regional Elections of 2014, where she came first in votes.

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