- Subcommittee on insular and mountainous areas ( SPECIAL PERMANENT COMMITTEES )

The committee’s objective is the study of the problems of these areas and the submission of proposals for their sustainable economic growth. It also submits proposals regarding the protection of the residential and natural environment and the preservation and promotion of their cultural tradition


PositionPolitical PartyNameContact Info
ChairmanSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Gakis Dimitrios
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Gkara Anastasia (Natasa)
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Igoumenidis Nikolaos
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Kamateros Ilias
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Michelogiannakis Ioannis
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Seltsas Konstantinos
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Sevastakis Dimitrios
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Syrmalenios Nikolaos
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Thivaios Nikolaos
MemberSYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left)Vagena Georgiou Anna
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Andrianos Ioannis
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Georgantas Georgios
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Katsafados Konstantinos
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Kontogeorgos Konstantinos
MemberN.D. (New Democracy)Vlasis Konstantinos
MemberDEMOCRATIC COALITION (Panhellenic Socialist Movement Democratic Left )Kegkeroglou Vasileios
MemberLAIKOS SYNDESMOS - CHRYSI AVGI (People’s Association – Golden Dawn)Iliopoulos Panagiotis
MemberK.K.E. (Communist Party of Greece)Delis Ioannis
MemberANEXARTITOI ELLINES (Independent Hellenes) National Patriotic Democratic AllianceKatsikis Konstnatinos
MemberTO POTAMI (The River)Psarianos Grigorios
MemberUNION OF CENTRISTS Saridis Ioannis