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Athens, 20 September 2021

“In the manner of G.S.” – 50 years since the death of George Seferis


On the occasion of the 50 years since the death of our poet and Nobel laureate George Seferis, on 20 September 1971, the Hellenic Parliament presents exhibits of his life and work.

Starting from his death and funeral, which took on the dimension of an anti-junta event, the simple Exhibition presented in the south corridor of the ground floor of the Parliament building seeks to highlight both his writing and diplomatic career, the “two masters”, as he used to say, that dominated his life.

The title “In the manner of G.S.” has been inspired by the poem with the same name, which contains the famous line “Wherever I travel Greece wounds me”. The choice was no accident, as the exhibits allow the poet himself to speak about his life and work.

Overall, 40 works by G. Seferis are exhibited. Poetry and prose. The exhibition follows along three intersecting axes: his literary work, G.Seferis the thinker and his diaries.

The various editions on display are accompanied by selected excerpts (poetry and prose), newspaper clippings on two special occasions, the Nobel Prize and his death and also by photographs from his work.

Through his writing, literary, travel or political, the thread of his thoughts unfolds, the people who defined his life, the places he travelled to and worked in during his service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, his network of contacts, his stance regarding significant historical events, his views on poetry, Greekness, language and history, and also lesser known aspects of his personality, such as his musical preferences.

The Exhibition highlights the triptych poet-thinker-diplomat.

The Exhibition has been organized by the Hellenic Parliament Library, curated by Dr. Maria Vlassopoulou (Head of the Department of the Benaki Library and Collections of Prominent Politicians) and Dr. Maria Kamilaki (Head of the Parliamentary Library Department). 

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