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Athens, 13 March 2023

Human Values Award at 25th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

The Human Values Award of the Hellenic Parliament was presented this year to the film "Red Herring", which was screened within the framework of the international competition programme Newcomers at the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, which ended yesterday.

The film, directed by Kit Vincent, depicts with courage, honesty and humour the struggle of its young director to cope with a terminal illness, while composing the portrait of a dysfunctional family in the face of the fear of death and at the same time, highlighting the value of life, human communication and love.     

The selection of the film was made by a committee of the Television Station of the Hellenic Parliament, which included the members Aris Fatouros, director and programme consultant, Vassilis Douvlis, director and head of the programme, and Kostas Dimos, programme associate.

The President of the Hellenic Parliament Constantine Tassoulas, congratulated those who contributed to the Festival, noting that the documentary is "a valuable film genre" that brings us in touch with "fascinating stories of our world through the eyes of great filmmakers", "constantly reminding the viewer that they participate visually and emotionally in something that happens or has happened, something that concerns them existentially and consciously".        

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