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As of 1994 the Parliament has been making a systematic effort to come closer to the citizens and mostly the youth by organizing exhibitions on the occasion of important historical events or to pay tribute to distinguished personalities of Hellenism. By means of such events, the Parliament actually contributes to helping citizens get a more profound knowledge of history and adopt a more critical stance towards the past and the present.

Furthermore, elementary, junior and senior high school students can visit the Parliament on weekdays (see section on School Visits)

Moreover, groups of visitors, such as members of associations, senior citizen clubs etc. may schedule a visit by calling the Parliament (210 3692429 and 210 3692106).

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"150 years since the First Constitution"
"Cartoons and Politics"
"Cyprus: 9.000 years of culture"
"Harilaos Trikoupis: The centenary"
“The Year of the Dodecanese Islands: 50 years since the Union”
Children’s painting competition on "The Year of the Dodecanese Islands: 50 years since the Union’’
"Year of Rhigas-Solomos: 200 years since the death of Rhigas Fereos-Velestinlis - 200 years since the birth of Dionysios Solomos"
Children’s painting competition on: "Rhigas Fereos-Velestinlis, the democratic thinker . 200 years since his death. reading, getting inspired and drawing".
"In memory of Georgios Papandreou: 30 years since his death"
"500 years of printed text tradition in Modern Greece (1499-1999)"
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