Int'l Relations : European Union

Interparliamentary Cooperation within the EU

EU Inter-parliamentary Cooperation is implemented within the following framework:

a) EU Speakers’ Conference
Once a year, the Conference brings together the Speakers of EU national parliaments and the President of the European Parliament, to coordinate inter-parliamentary activities.

) SectoralCommitteeSittings
In countries holding the rotating EU presidency there are regular sittings between Standing Committees of EU national parliaments and the European Parliament, where the Speakers or national committee members exchange views on European policies (such as ESDP, foreign policy, CAP, environmental policy, economic and monetary policies, growth and development, justice and security) or on concrete pieces of European legislation.

d) Parliamentary sittings hosted by the European Parliament
To strengthen cooperation and consultations on European affairs the EP calls inter-parliamentary sittings on major issues and hosts joint sessions of its own committees with members of respective EU national parliament committees.

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