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The World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association is a non partisan political association which was founded in August 1996 by a Greek government initiative.
WHIA aims at helping parliamentarians of Greek descent, who are members of legislatures in countries where Greek is not an official language, work together, exchange views on issues of mutual interest and help build strong and friendly relations between the Hellenic Parliament and parliaments in their respective countries. WHIA works with SAE in terms of tackling issues touching on Hellenes abroad (cultural and political affairs, combating xenophobia and racism) and its Governing Board may take part by invitation in SAE (World Council of Hellenes Abroad) General Assembly sittings. WHIA works closely together with the Select Permanent Committee on Hellenes Abroad, as well as with political parties and MPs in the Hellenic Parliament.
There are currently 226 WHIA members (132 active and 94 honorary) elected in 26 countries. Members include Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, MPs and Senators of Greek descent in various assemblies and governments all over the globe.

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