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Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO)

The Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy is an inter-parliamentary institution established upon a Hellenic Parliament initiative. IAO held its first meeting in Ormylia, Halikidiki, in 1993 where the Members Manifesto, the Founding Act and the Statutes were drafted. 

IAO members are Orthodox MPs from Europe (Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Estonia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belorussia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, the Russian Federation, Serbia and Montenegro), but also Australia, Asia (Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria), Africa (Uganda, Sudan), the US and Canada.

IAO’s higher institution is the General Assembly of its members. Once a year, the General Assembly brings together all parliamentary delegations the members of which are appointed by individual national Parliaments.

The International Secretariat is the institution’s executive body and consists of 7 members the General Assembly elects. Greece and Russia are permanent members to the Secretariat while the Secretary General is always a Greek MP who is, at the same time, the head of the Greek delegation to IAO.
a) Financial Committee

b) Committee on Human Rights

c) Committee on Education

d) Committee on Regulation

e) Committee on Social Affairs, Family and Motherhood

f) Committee on Culture

g) Committee on Bioethics

h) Committee on International Policy

i) Committee on Mass Media

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