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Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO)

The Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy is an inter-parliamentary institution based in Athens, set up upon the initiative of the Hellenic Parliament.  The IAO held its first meeting in Halkidiki, in June 1993. The IAO consists of Orthodox MPs from Europe, the US, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The IAO’s aim is to develop the Orthodox cultural heritage, enhance communication between its members in order to promote the role of Orthodoxy in dealing with current social problems on the basis of the principles of democracy and Christian values and contribute to the global dialogue for human rights and peaceful relations between nations.

The IAO’s highest body is the General Assembly and the International Secretariat is the executive body. Greece and Russia are permanent members of the Secretariat. The IAO’s work is carried out by the following Committees: 1) Financial Committee, 2) Committee on Regulation, 3) Committee on Human Rights, 4) Committee on Culture, 5) Committee on International Policy, 6) Committee on Mass Media, 7) Committee on Social Activity, Family and Motherhood, 8) Committee on Education. Other bodies include the Monitoring Committee on operation of the Observatory of Religious Persecutions as well as Coordinating Co-operation Committees with the Pan-African Parliament, the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of the Eurasia Economic Community, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Russian-Belarus Union and the Parliamentary Union of the Organisation of the Islamic Co-operation member-states.

The Greek parliamentary delegation consists of five (5) full members. The Head of the Greek delegation assumes the position of the General Secretary of the Assembly.



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Greek Delegation

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Full Name PositionParticipation in Committees
Charakopoulos Maximos Head
Davakis Athanasios Member
Keletsis Stavros Member
Michailidis Andreas Member
Sarakiotis Ioannis Member

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