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The Library of the Hellenic Parliament has digitized an important part of its Collections in order to preserve it from the damages of time and make it accessible to a broad public in this new web age.

The digitized material is constantly and strategically expanded, in order to include popular research sources, such as the Newspaper and Periodical Collections and the Historical Parliamentary Archives. Rare material is digitized upon users’ demands.

The Digital Library provides the opportunity for online navigation to the following Collections:

Newspapers & Journals (microfilms)

The Library keeps one of the richest collections of Greek and foreign newspapers and journals since the 18th century. Due to the fragility of the primary source and the augmented user interest, the Library proceeded since the ’80s to microfilming the collection.

The microfilming focused on the current production of large circulation Athens and Thessaloniki daily newspapers. A similar, more demanding effort was focused on microfilming Greek newspapers and journals of past centuries, including material published all over the world.

Funded by the EU operational programme “Information Society”, the Library has digitized more than 15.000 microfilms (around 8 million digital items) making the content of more than 3000 newspapers and journals of the 19th and the 20th century available through Any relevant material produced after 1943 can be accessed only at the Library’s reading rooms.

Historical Parliamentary Archives

The Library handles the Historical Parliamentary Archives (1843-1967) and has proceeded to a digitization project in order to make this material accessible to all. Currently, the following material is available online:
  • The 1st National Assembly Proceedings (1843-1844)
  • The Parliament Proceedings (1844 – 1862)
  • The Senate Proceedings (1844 – 1861)
  • Indexes of the National Assemblies, Parliament and Senate Records (1843–1862)
The Parliament Proceedings from 1990 onwards are accessible at

Constitutions and Standing Orders

The Library has proceeded in digitising the constitutional texts which are held in the Special Collections, with an emphasis given to the Greek constitutional texts of the period between the end of the 18th century and the middle of the 19th century.

The immediate and full access to this material via the Digital Library contributes to the research and to a better understanding of the political institutions and the constitutional history of Greece.

The current Constitution of Greece (last revision in 2008) in English, French and German translation and the Standing Orders of the Parliament are digitally available via the Hellenic Parliament’s website.

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