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PASOK-KINAL Chnaris Ioanni Emmanouhl Rethymno
PLEFSI-ELEFTHERIAS Chourdakis Konstantinou Michahl Thessaloniki A
PASOK-KINAL Christidis Dimitriou Paylos Athens B3 Constituency (South)
SYRIZA-PROODEFTIKI SYMMACHIA Christidou Dimitriou Rallia Athens B3 Constituency (South)
PASOK-KINAL Christodoulakis Anesti Emmanouhl Manolis Attica A Constituency (East)
NEA DIMOKRATIA Chrysochoidis Basileiou Michahl Athens B2 Constituency (West)
NEA DIMOKRATIA Chrysomallis Panagioti Miltiadis Miltos Messinia
NEA DIMOKRATIA Dabakis Panagioti Athanasios Lakonia
KOMMOUNISTIKO KOMMA ELLADAS Dagka Athanasiou Paraskeyh Bibh Athens B2 Constituency (West)
ΝΙΚΗ Delberoudis Bagianou Komninos Pieria
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